Most likely a noob question, but i am new to recording so here we go..

I just bought a presonus firestudio mobile and a mic/stand.. Now i dont have moniotrs and i think that might be my issue.

When i open the program that came with presonus i can see the volume area moving when i speak in the mic but i don't hear nothing, same way when i record except no data shows up on the screen. I plugged my headphones in the interface and heard noise then later on when i came back to mess with it again i couldnt get any noise.

Now if i had moniotrs would i hear my guitar/vocals or am i doing something wrong?
The headphones are good enough to figure out if you're getting any sound. You should check your audio preferences and see if you can set the output to your computer's sound card so you can hear it through your regular speakers. I'm not sure why the input won't record, you should really read the manual and go step by step setting up everything properly inside the DAW. The manual will probably be available under the help tab or in a pdf on the disc.
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Ok i was able to hear the program sounds now when switched to ASIO but i still cna't hear my mic. The instructions are kind of vague and theres hardly any youtube vids for it.. Im most likely picking up cubase or something so maybe that will make more sense.