Just recorded this song with my band. It's on my profile. I know there are some spots where it gets a little off, and there are a couple flubs, but I don't think they detract from the song too much (do they?). Basically what I'm looking for as far as criticisms go is how the song sounds overall, and if there's anything that could be changed or improved. Theeenks!
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Pretty good man it gets u in a chill mood i liked it. I also like the effect u gave to the voice in some parts. I Liked the guitar part in min 2.00 but there's something strange in the middle of the lick but nothing big. overall is good man o and the tango one is great. by the way happy new year.
I liked this song, calms me down a bit.

I really like the vocal effect, this makes the song a bit more original and interesting.

Your vocalist has a really nice voice, I bet you guys are getting some positive feedback during gigs

The only thing I din't like, were those little licks before the chorus (or at least I think its the chorus), they sound a bit off.
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guitar sounds a bit out of tune in places. good vibe very british wave pop sounding. your singer sounds very immature how old is he? basslines were good. piano wasn't all that great sounds a bit underconfident. i like the ideas though. drums could come up in the mix with a little less cymbal and more bass and snare.

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Hey, thanks for the crit.
Now lets see:
The guitar is really out of tune. The dumming is a bit "out", but it kinda gives the song a nice effect. The song itself is nice, like chrisatgrace said very british wave pop sounding. Like that "reverse" guitar at the end.
So if you practice more this could be really nice