So my new guitar only shipped with one strap holder on the bottom, and not the other one. I ordered it from a local shop. Anyone ever heard of this?

It's the ESP.
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Good opportunity to buy some strap locks though. I just got some Schallers for my 550 and they're great.
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Is there a screw hole where the strap button is supposed to be? I second a set of strap locks they can save your guitar from serious damage!

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I had that happen with a classical guitar but never an electric. That's pretty odd.

A lot of classical guitars don't have two. They make straps that go on the strap pin on the bottom of the guitar and then ties onto the headstock right behind the nut.
Is there a hole where the strap pin should be?
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A lot of classical guitars don't have any. A lot of acoustic guitars have one (the bottom). I don't think I've heard of an electric guitar not having 2.
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