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Get laid.

how did I know this would be the first post
although its not a bad goal.......

umm.. I'll get back to you, oh, yeah, get back in shape, i really slacked off the past year
Start a band. Get Axl Rose fit. Change my band from glam metal to grunge metal. Sign to Columbia Records. Get famous.
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Figure out what the hell I'm going to do with my life, that's a good jumping point there
Kill Bill O'Reilly
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That's rather optimistic. And you are how old?
Try and get my band to become famous. (At least me and my friend whose the other guitarist). BTW all who read this check out my band in a few months i will have a few songs posted for my band's demo lol. Another is get a gf.
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Well, I'll be legal this decade. That means I could shop in any toy store I want.

Edit: On a more serious note, I'll be off to college. Home will be viewed differently for sure.
Kiss with a fist, lovely heterosexuals.
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Study, get a well paid job.

Start or join a power metal band when my skills are up to it. you don't need to be tah shreddurz to play power metal, check out Freedom Call if you thought so.

I hope this decade goes well and that the 2012 shit ain't true (i just hope...).
Start playing gigs, get in shape, I do want to acheive a degree of success musically (and I have some other areas that i'm interested in), and I need to find a way to somehow have sex with Pixie Lott, she doesn't neccessarily need to be conscious or able to remember.

Also to survive to be 27. Wow, that's a weird thought. I guess the main one is to not still be here to celebrate the next turn of the decade. No offence to 27 year olds who've been here since 1999 (somehow), but I wouldn't envy you.
Get successful with my band. Get laid. If I accomplish those, this decade will have been a success. Though it'll be really, REALLY pathetic if I can't get laid once this whole decade.
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Get laid.

As sad as it is, this

But really, i hope to improve in school and score well on my HSC. Ideally i'd like to have some sort of career in music, maybe something like a recording engineer because i'd prefer stability (Every musician needs to record).

I don't really want to settle down though, if i had things my way then i'd leave that for when i'm about 29-30.
Study, do well, go to college, not die.
An Augmented 4th or a Diminished 5th?

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You, fine sir, have impeccable taste.

Ahhhh Yuck Fou.
i plan on making a large fortune through wise investing and securing myself a fine woman
Emerse your soul in love

You used to be alright What happened?

Yellow tigers crouched in jungles in her Dark Eyes .
You'll see in 90 days.
I hope to live 'till 2020. If so I hope I'm rich and happy. I'm happy now anyways.
Try and get as many As in my GCSEs as I can, and get into the 6th form of my choice. Looking at how its going though, it shouldn't be too hard.
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Buy a semi acoustic guitar, start a real band.

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well were probaby the best band at our high school and we played a great gig to honor the rev so we are going to make band t-shirts in silkscreening when we get back from chrismas holidays and hopefully sell them to buy some new gear. my guitar needs a replacement.

we're thinking like RIP THE REV then letter on the back saying "Rock into 2010 celebrations" or something with a skeleton and our band logo on the front.
Music related: Be involved in the music industry and make a living off it.

Non music related: Survive until the next decade.
It's gonna be a blue day
Have a fist fight with Vinnie Jones.

...and pass my degree, and start playing guitar again.
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Kill Bill O'Reilly

A most admirable goal, one that I would love to be a part of
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..Bob Barker isn't dead.

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Nothing is impossible if you're on acid!

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What if the NES breaks? WHERE IS YOUR GOD NOW?
Survive the Zombie Apocalypse. It's gonna happen.
I can honestly say I have really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like.

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