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37 54%
5 7%
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I don't know
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Can you repeat the question?
2 3%
You're full of shit
20 29%
Voters: 68.
and they just go "You're full of shit." and end the arguement there...

...does it annoy you?

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no because it's them that's full of shit.
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Nah, that means your logic just slammed their emotional boat.
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Yes, because they are just being arrogant and ending the debate because they lack an answer.

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Sort of yes, but it means I win.
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It is annoying, but it does usually mean that they loose, so I guess they're more annoyed
It's incredibly annoying, luckily i've never met anyone who has used the words 'You're full of shit' in that order.
Yeah, I find it annoying.
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I killed your face.

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Yes..very annoying. They just can't admit that they lost the argument. But since they annoyed the piss outta me by doing that, I annoy them until they admit that they lost.
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No, because I'll continue the argument proving I'm not full of shit.
What's worse:

When you're right, they can't take it and block it out going:

"Nobody gives a shit"
"No-one cares"
"You're gay"
"I don't care"
"What does it matter?"
"Can't hear you"

Not even 12 year olds do that anymore.
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And yes, it does annoy me when I prove someone wrong, and they still act like their not wrong.
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Nah, that means your logic just slammed their emotional boat.

This. In fact, I LIVE for that moment where the person just has that look of "fvck, I have nothing left to say..."
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Nope. I'm not the kind of person who really lives for the moment they can fight to prove they're right, and generally just show everyone else in the room how much of an ass they are. I'll only call someone out if I really dislike them. Otherwise, the awkwardness and shitty feeling all around isn't worth it.