I noticed my playing has increased ten fold. For the last year I used to always anchor my pinky on the pick guard because I felt it was the most stable position for my pick hand. Just recently I decided to switch it up and strictly play unanchored and its crazy how much easier it is to play this way. I tried resting my pinky again on the guitar today and I was able to realize how much anchoring my pinky held my playing back.

So I was wondering if anyone else out there noticed a huge jump in their playing after breaking the habit of anchoring?
I had the same problem. I generally did that while I first began learning to play standing up. Once I grew out of it my picking speed and precision took off.
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I've been trying to get out of it but it's really hard. But I guess it'll be worth it in the end.

Stick with it lol It's helped my speed and accuracy increase by leaps and bounds. When your actually able to get a grip on playing unachored try to go back and anchor your pinky you'll realize how much tension you really were putting on your pick hand. It also helped my range out a lot and has made string skipping a breeze.
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