Hello, new poster here, signed up just for this question.

I recently bought a Digitech RP255, and it's working pretty well. I'm using my mac, so instead of trying to jump right into cubase, I decided to try to record in garageband, to check sound quality.

No matter what I do however, no sound is picked up. Even when I can clearly plus it into my amp and hear noise, and the X-Edit 2.6 software connects to the pedal with no problems.

This sort of spoils a bit for me, as a large selling point of the pedal was it's USB recording capabilities, I'm hoping someone here can help


I messed around, set it to my default sound device, and that worked for a couple of hours, then out of nowhere it stopped working, and no audio program will even recognize anything more than it being plugged in. Yes I have the latest firmware, and yes the 1/4th and USB cables are working outside of this situation...
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