I've been looking a lot at new amps lately, as I finally found a buyer for my half stack
I'll have around 800$ or so Canadian, and one of the amps i was looking at was a hot rod deluxe. I've played it a few times, and thought it sounded pretty nice. Does anyone have any experience with this amp, or any opinions. I'd love to hear any of your guys imput on the amp.
My band generally plays just hard rock stuff, no metal, but I need a nice clean sound as well. Also, i wouldnt be using the amps distortion as my primary distortion, im using an EHX double muff.
If you dont think this is a good amp, and suggestions of a nice combo tube amp for around the same price?
Any imput is appreciated, thanks a lot.\

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i personally love hrd but i hate the gain channel. i would probably get a mi audio crunch box for some dirt. also the bugera v55 is a nice alternative for a cheaper price with a much better gain channel.
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If you are looking for great cleans then the HRD has got them. And with the Double Muff i don't think you'd have any issues playing hard rock on it (the drive channel by itself might struggle, it all depends on what sound you are looking for). All round, it's a great versatile amp.
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I have the HRD, the cleans are great and it takes pedals really nicely. The overdrive is a bit fuzzyand not to my liking, but if you get a good quality pedal, you'll have the best of both worlds with this amp.
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i had an hrd, i hated it very much. the drive channel is not very versatile...maybe if you plan on being a blues master or a guitarist for the strokes it will work for you. but if you have other tastes i advise against it. it didn't take my pedals very well either and i'm talking NICE sounding pedals like the fulltone ocd and tubescreamer. the cleans were a disappointment too as there is almost no headroom before breakup. maybe i just got a dud though. Ultimately it is up to you though, although i advise you try this and other amps. Don't be afraid to go used either, i've gotten a mesa boogie studio.22 and a traynor custom valve for much less that what a hrd costs new, and i consider both those amps much better.
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