The RPG/video game version I wrote a while back. It didn't start out as an RPG song, it just kinda turned into one as the chord progression got... swampier and swampier. Turned out to be one my better, more coherent songs.

Then I turned it into a metal song. Both the RPG and metal versions are in the ZIP... Crit whichever you like, you don't have to do both.

The RPG version is probably a bit less interesting, but it's meant to be background music in a game, so oh well.

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Brilliant work once again I'm listening to the RPG version first, but I'll try to get around to critting the other, too.

Right from the beginning, the progression has a sort of Opeth-esque sound, with the minor sevenths and flat fifth intervals. At first, the switch from 6/8 to 9/8 bothered me, but listening trough the second time, it seemed a lot more coherent, and pushed the piece on, since it didn't resolve in an expected way. I really like that. Also, the muted guitar sound compliments - or establishes - the atmosphere very effectively.

The addition of the synth pad, while subtle, really enhanced the atmosphere - no complaints here - and I really like that the oboe melody uses chromatic, whole tone and atonal ideas to fit best over each chord in the progression - really clever stuff!

Another aspect of this that I like is the switching of lead roles between instruments - alternating back and forth between the Oboe and Pan Flute for both melodic and tonal variation. Again, I really like the chromaticism, and it never seems out of place.

The change in accompaniment at bar 33 was great, and the new atmosphere reminded me a lot of the Werewolf village in Golden Sun 2. The change of feel afterwards with the static D note is cool, and the oscillating synth pad is great - it actually took me a while to realise what was happening. This part's really a great break from all the layers and harmony from before - great use of tension and release.

The shift back into bar 71 caught me off guard at first, but I think it's because I didn't notice the guitar's drone getting more frequent, so I lost the hint that it was coming The section itself a great climax, without necessarily being over the top, louder, or too cluttered - but rather, it comes across as a definitive ending.

I really can't think of anything that can be improved upon - the song flows and is coherent, there's a great atmosphere and choice of instruments, clever use of effects and tension and release, and there are enough dynamic, melodic, and tonal variations the whole way to maintain interest and keep the song going. So I guess this is more of a kiss-ass than proper crit in a way, but I really can't find anything that can be improved upon - great work!

If you wouldn't mind, would you be able to crit either ''Juggling Elephants'' or ''Spiders'' in my sig? Thanks in advance, and if there's anything I can be more specific on in regards to your piece, or if there's anything you'd like me to really analyze, be sure to let me know.

Is this that song you posted for the songwriting contest a couple months back?
Drums came in, yeah it is.
I've been looking for this song for a while. This is definitely going to be used as reference material.

Anyways, this song is great. I'm not sure if I could compare it to anything. Super experimental Mastodon with Meshuggah-like leads and some post-metal a la Isis/Pelican/Russian Circles.
I never thought it possible. You've proven me wrong.

The groove and the melodies are just unbelievable. This is one of those songs that I wouldn't even know how you conceived it.
I'm gunna run out of adjectives to describe it, as there are trooly little to no weak spots. I'd say the fact that it has to end is probably one of only complaints.

Now sir, I have a proposition for you. I'd like you to check out this song and time me what you think of it.
Yeah holy shit I just got floored by your song dude.

This is a masterpiece, really!

Nice use of time signatures, melody and harmonie (unmelodies and dissonance, too!)

Lovely layers that made a full, almost hazy sound, yet through it all it always sounded pleasant, not a painful or distracting experience, cool use of polymetrics on bass during one part.

This is a rare thing for me but the leads on guitar and the melodies you do, with your accidentals, are probably one of my favorite parts of the song, I strongly dislike solos when they don't add to a song and you've shown your skill to me as to knowing as much about lots of layers and a huge sound, to being restricted and knowing when and where to place a lead or solo, and where and when to use dissonance properly, how to resolve it and make it interesting to hear, make it colorful instead of painful to the ear.

My sole and only complaint is that the outro ends really, really abruptly, and it's kind of a let down compared to the rest of the song - if nothing else I'd make it longer and maybe fade out... but that's up to you, I really have no other criticism.

Other than this.

Holy shit that was epic
Swampzzz was very awesome, and I could definately see it in an RPG, or other game. The way the melodies shift into other sections is great. I think Ill put this on loop.

As for the metal version, a good word for it is intense. I could also see this in a game, or just as likely, the music itself is very good and could easily be in an album.
After listening to both versions I have to say that both versions would be great in an RPG. The traditional gamey music one could be a reoccurring theme throughout the game, and the metal one could show up near the end when things get really climactic.