I've tried two completly different types of brand new headphones and I have same problem with both.
When i plug the headphones into either the amp directly or into the phones jack in my pod x3 live i only hear out of one ear.
I'm frustrated and I dont know what to do... Is this normal for headphones?

I'm also using an adapter/transformer in order for my headphones to fit into the 1/8 jack.
it might be the jack then. check them in something that has a 1/4 jack ( if thats what you have), i doubt both of the input jacks on your amp, and pod are both bad
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Its also possible that your amp is mono, not stereo... thats the case with my Fender Super Champ, i can only hear out of one ear cuz its only programmed to use one speaker
Sounds like you're trying to use stereo headphones, but the POD only has a mono output, or the adapter you're using is mono. Is there only one line on the end of the plug (headphone and adapter) or 2?
Probably using a mono adapter. Does the adapter have a TRS (tip,ring,sleeve) plug? I.E. it should have 3 connections on the plug.
OH okay i'm using a mono adapter with stereo jacks
it's a good thing i only spent two dollars on it
thanks everyone I'll get a stereo adapter