I'm just looking for a CHEAP electric V shape guitar. (US $200-ish or less)

new or used
any style bridge
whatever pickups
6 or 7 strings
colour doesn't matter,
I just hope it has 24 frets, but not totally necessary

Anyone know where I can find one?
even the dean baby ml seems interesting to me.. pretty much looking for something without the horn/spike/point on the top of the guitar. and not a full/solid hunk of wood on the tail like the esp explorer or jackson kelly.
Mmm a jackson randy rhoads right, from the little I know it seems very nice.

But my only guitar is an RG321MH, my first, my baby.
And my 'mikro' bass, I spent nearly a year searching and waiting for, again my baby #2.
My two amps (both already second hand) together they might be worth $50-100.

All I have to offer is about US $200.

I'm hoping I can pick this thing up too. Currently I don't have the extra bones for shipping.

If you're still interested, send pics.

But again, if it's used, which it is...
I'd want to actually hold it in my hands and test it out, before I take it off yours.
That RR is like up towards a grand brand new, I believe.

I really think your best bet is craigslist or the bay. If you're patient you will find what you're looking for eventually on the ebay, if you don't mind not being able to pay before hand that is.

Good Trades:
lp_dude_2 / miketheslut/ kshands / alexmack