alright i know the thread title implies a lot. but i actually only want to ask about this:

I've recently started doing some research on hollowbody guitars. However, i noticed that some hollowbody guitars use different hardware from other hollows. also, they have different features affecting different aspects of the guitar on the whole.

My main question is: what kind of hardware do i want to avoid? and what kind of hardware would perform better?

for one, i noticed that some hollowbody guitars use tune-o-matic bridges.

at the same time, i also see a lot of what they call the "Roller with Bigsby Tailpiece".

and sometimes, i see this kind of bridge:

Now, it's quite obvious to me that the "Roller with Bigsby Tailpiece" functions as some kind of one-way tremolo while the other two bridges i mentioned function as fixed bridges.

You see, when talking about solid body 6 string electrics, we always distinguish between the "Licensed Floyd Rose" and the authentic "Original Floyd Rose". We also tend to distinguish between higher quality fixed bridges and cheaply made tune-o-matics.

So what kind of bridges on a hollowbody guitar should i avoid? And what kind of bridge types are generally known to perform better?
I prefer the tune-o-matic. They seem to sustain the best and look the cleanest.
I'm a fan of all three. They're just visual for the two fixed bridges (well, a TOM seems to sustain more) and the bigsby is a vibrato system.
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tune o matics are not cheaply made for the most part. the other two without the bigsby have tune o matics on them too but they just have a different stop piece
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Tune o Matics are awesome....

do are bigsbys
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Ok can we stop sucking this dudes dick and deal with my question?
Depending on the guitar, after using a Bigsby, you guitar goes crazy out of tune. I tried the bigsby on an Artcore, and I used it twice, and I was almost a quarter step out of tune.
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Depending on the guitar, after using a Bigsby, you guitar goes crazy out of tune. I tried the bigsby on an Artcore, and I used it twice, and I was almost a quarter step out of tune.

i did notice that on some of the hollows that i tried as well!

but.... are there a number of brands that manufacture this particular kind of tremolo? or is that "Bigsby" only made by one company?

i'm really trying to impart my skill when choosing solid body guitars into this. because when i look at the tremolo system of solid body guitars, i usually look out for badly made locking nuts, badly adjusted bridge height, wrongly adjusted saddles etc..

how much of this is relevant when looking at hollows? how much more do i have to look out for?