I don't have any experience of hollow guitars except what i've read on the internet and listened to people play it. I love the sound though and i really want to buy one. I play mostly classic rock (pink floyd, led zeppelin), indie rock (the strokes) and some blues. I would prefer to have single coil pups and single cutaway but it's not necessary. My budget is $600, could stretch it to $700 for great quality.

Can you suggest some guitars?
I would recommend the Sheraton II, but before you buy anything, make sure you get to try it out first.
Hagstrom and Eastwood were suggested before I got here?
Damn, guys. I'll gladly second those though.

Maybe Harmony? I think most of them run around $600, no idea for sure though.
Give "Lucille" a try!
you can get many different sounds with the Varitone-switch
you'll have no problems with feedback, 'cause there are no f-holes

Do you want a true archtop hollow body guitar or a semi-solid guitar? The single-coil pickups will limit your choices. If you want an archtop with P-90 single coil pickups, look at Epiphone's ES-295. It has been discontinued, so you might have trouble finding one. You could also try the Epiphone Elitist Casino. If you want an archtop with humbuckers, look at the Ibanez AF series. If you want a semi-solid guitar, the choices are significantly more varied.
okay, thanks guys. i'm going to a guitar center in a couple of weeks to try some out.

I looked up the Hagstrom Viking and it seemed nice (maybe i just think so because i'm from sweden :P) but on the videos i found of it, a lot of people played metal. Is that what it is best for or can you get the warm clean sound as well?

I forgot to write it in the description but i would like to be able to play unplugged, it doesn't need to be loud but at least for practicing. Can you play the "Lucille" unplugged even though it doesn't have any f-holes?
B.B. King's Lucille is a semi-solid, so it won't be very loud when you play it unplugged - even if it had the F-holes.
If i were you id track down an ibanez artcore talman they come in solid or hollow n are great guitars. ive got 1 of the hollow goldtop ones and its on par with my uncles gibson 335. has a 335 setup n i got mine for 350 second hand.