Not sure if this is the right forum for this,

Does anyone know what the average costs would be to do a "full set-up" for acoustic or electric?
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It depends from tech to tech so I don't really know
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assuming that the tech doesn't need to do anything drastic, $20-$30 is usually the price. any more and it's a little pricey. the only time it ever cost me more was when my truss rod had to be basically reset and was all bent out of whack.

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Sounds good then. My LP is in fine shape but my acoustic will need a new saddle and it needs to be intonated properly. This is good information. Thanks.

*edit* searching for a "local" luthier returned one that does setups for $40. I may call them to see how much they will charge to address my saddle problem
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Depends if any work needs to be done - if you need frets replacing, serious trussrod work etc. it'll be more. if you're paying more than £20 for a standard action, fit and finish then you're being overcharged.

That said there is a tech who lives nearby us who charges more but goes the hole hog of cleaning pots, checking wiring, adjusting pickup height pole by pole (where appropriate) etc, He charges a lot more, but will do any further servicing/touching within 9 months for free since his set-ups are so thorough, claiming if it needs to be redone he can't have done it right first time. I don't know anyone who's ever had to make use of that guarantee...
Around here, the norm is $30 for a hardtail set-up, and $40 for trem-equipped.
$25 is standard charge around here...or you could just research how to do it yourself

if you have a decent tuner...and an allen wrench and/or screwdriver, you can set your guitar up yourself and save the dough.
That's gonna be more than the average rate. They have to fabricate a new bridge.
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