Poll: Will this amp go loud enough to play with a band in a small room?
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First off, sorry if I'm in the wrong forum area.
I was just wondering if this amp will go loud.
Will it make the speakers loud enough to play with a band.
We would just use it for vocals. The band is acoustic drums, bass and guitar
I saw this 2nd hand in a store for $99, is it any good?
We need it for practise only in a small room
Thanks so much for your help

I'm asking about the IC 30 by the way

Depends on your speakers, but i seriously doubt you'll be heard over drums with a 30w vocal mic. Vocals have MUCH lower signal level than guitars, so need more amplification.

Vocals normally head to a mixer than through a ~100w+ power amp, so unless you have very responsive speakers i doubt you'll push enough air to make yourself heard. That said wattage is NOT a good indication of volume, a 30w amp could well be louder than something rated at 200w. Anyway you can try it?
I'm going to try it out.
I found it 2nd hand in a store so i guess I could return it, if it isnt good enough.
I hope its loud enough, the band doesnt really have much money.
Is there any other cheap way of 'ampping' up the mic?
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