Hi, I was looking into getting a Ibanez Sa260FM since its on sale for 400$ and I dont find the need to spend another 100 for a MIM HSS Stratocaster, that from what i hear has a worse tremolo bridge then the Sa260FM that has a "Sat PRO II Bridge"

I don't need insane range just the occasional lowering pitch and possibly some vibrato, no EVH or Dimebag squeals.

My question is, Will i be able to get it to stay in tune without buying locking tuners? (im willing to buy new nut)

Will a non locking trem give me more headaches from tuning stability or should i just get a floyd rose that will stay in tune for a year or 2 then cause me more headaches when the knife edges dull?

PS. Im willing to look into alternatives, Price range Max $450 - Since i have to pay tax XD and my max is $500, Basically just looking for H s s or H H, With tremolo, 22 or 24 frets,

If im lost please direct me to the right part of the forums
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