Hey guys,
i got a guitar a a few years back but i never used it because i was like 10. its a fender scorpion.
anywho, the guitar has problems staying in tune even when it has new strings which is one thing, but i think i can fix that by stringing the guitar better, but more annoyingly, when i strum, especially open string, the string vibrates so much its tune goes all over the place. is there any way to tighten up the guitar? also its in drop C but i kinda have to keep it there for the band.

P.S. Sorry for being noob
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this. also there is a way to string the guitar so it wraps on it self so that its a much tighter wrap on the tuning peg. i string my guitars that way and it works well. even with crap tuning machines. it's in the how to string a guitar or set up a guitar thread. look it up.
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New strings will take time to stretch and stay in tune so remember that. As for vibrating do you mean like fret buzz? If so you might need to set up the guitar for Drop C. If you're really new to this and don't understand what 'fret buzz' means and are shit scared to touch your guitar then you might as well pay a tech to set it up for you and ask them to show you what they do so you know what to do next time.
thanks a lot! yeah i tried stringing the guitar strings correctly and they are working a lot better. still really loose though so ill get some new strings tomorrow. and ill get some .060 strings from dunlop if i can