Hey, this is my first post. I'm not a great singer, but I've come from absolutely dreadful and intend to keep going, and to support that pursuit I was hoping for some helpful feedback

There's a song in my profile, and I welcome any kind of feedback on how to improve my singing (I know I need a pop filter, but other than that!)

I'd really appreciate it.
You need to be careful you don't come out flat like at the end of your song. Mostly, your voice is on key but it's not very resonant. Work on upping the power in your voice. And there's my two cents. =)
Yeah, ending strong would be nice ^_^;

I'm sure my pitch will improve with time, and if its not terrible right now I'm fine with that.

How do I go about adding more 'power' to my voice?
Well, for coming from absolutely dreadful, you must surely have come a long way, then. I've heard much worse. Much worse.

Your pitch is a little dodgy, but not that much. I think the cause of that is a lack of breath support. It sounds like you're holding back.

Your voice is not nearly as much in your throat as a lot of people's. So, you're doing something right there. You want to continue to bring it forward. Try aiming your voice at the front of your mouth. Imagine your front teeth as targets that you want your voice to hit. That will help.

Also, opening up the throat a bit more will help, as if yawning. Check the link in my sig for quite a bit of info I put together on this sort of thing.

I always recommend lessons to people, as learning a physical skill - whether it be karate, swimming, driving a car, or singing - is nearly impossible to learn from reading about it and watching videos. You have to not only do it, but have someone with you to correct your mistakes and reinforcing your successes you as you go.

Also, it is a physical sensation. Let's say you needed to learn how to yawn. You read books and watch videos and see people opening their mouths really wide and making an "Awwwwm" sound, so you do the same. Are you really yawning? Of course not. It has all outward appearances of being correct, but if you do not experience the sensation of doing it properly, then you are NOT doing it properly. (though, yes, it is *possible* to do it right, more or less by accident....)

Could I get some more talent in the monitors, please?

I know it sounds crazy, but try to learn to inhale your voice. www.thebelcantotechnique.com

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