is the Ibanez RG170DX a good first electric guitar or should i go for a esp, epiphone etc. I mainly want to b playing metal and classic rock most likely through a roland amp ( Microcube vs 15x??) price range is 600 dollars AUD.
That is a really good guitar especially for starting. I've got the model below that The GRX20 and it is amazing. I've been playing for almost 5 years and I still use that as my number one guitar even though I've got some more expensive models.
I'm currently borrowing my mates RG170DX, and it shits all over my Squier. If your going to be playing metal on it, which might mean getting heavier strings, i would chuck 2 more springs i the back of the guitar.

Also look at a RG321, but i think there about $400 in Australia.

Great guitar overall!

btw, if your looking for a metal guitar, make sure it has 24 frets, or at least 22 minimum, for soloing later
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RG321 if you can spend up to $600AUS. It's a quality instrument that you can keep (and upgrade) for all your life.
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The RG170DX has a horrible tremelo system and can be an utter nightmare for someone just starting out playing, let alone using a trem. Get something with a fixed bridge, other than that it won't matter much since you're just starting out.
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