HELP!!! I want to be able to write good hard rock or heavy metal songs, but I just can't. I always sit down with my guitar, try to make somthing up, but it never works. Sometimes I can get good chords or really short riffs, but I can't get either of them to fit with each other! I would also like to be able to write decent solos, not pathetic little single crotchet note solos, hardcore, speedy, hammer-on/pull-off type ones. Also, if anyone's got any help for writing lyrics, that would be great aswell. Thanks in advance.
you need to don't sit down and make something up. it has to come with itself.
like you are frustated about something and then you make lyrics about that.
I just put on a good heavy drum beat and go with it. Just get a feeling for the beat and it will come.
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