I really like his songs and his ability to play guitar is quite amazing. Please tell me there's someone else on UG that listens to him.
I want women throwing their thongs 'cause I wrote their favorite songs.
I do, sometimes. His guitar playing is quite nice.
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Quote by dmiwshicldply
i think hes a great guitar player however i find his songs extremely corny.
not a huge fan overall. i prefer kieth urbans singing, songs and guitar playing to be honest.

"You'll Never Leave Harlan Alive" strikes close to home since I've been to Harlan, KY well over 100 times in my life. (I live about 50 miles from it.)
I want women throwing their thongs 'cause I wrote their favorite songs.
Cliffs of Rock City is an amazing song.
I want women throwing their thongs 'cause I wrote their favorite songs.
Paisley is quite possibly country music's premier guitarist. His singles tend to be "radio friendly", but dig a little deeper and you will find some excellent traditional country and bluegrass played with ridiculous skill and prowess.

You Tube has a very early recording of "Nervous Breakdown" from Auston City Limits". Its sick.

I'm a huge Paisley fan. I don't enjoy his newer albums as much as his first four, but they are still enjoyable.
As a guitar player he's great
As a country singer, not really my thing, I prefer mor traditional stuff.

That being said, I still respect his talent
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Love Brad Paisley. Alcohol is hands down the best drinking song ever written.

Hell yes it is!! I'll drink to that.

The guy is like the most unique country artist in the business, I bet he could out shred a metal shredder, country style.

I actually prefer his more simple songs, like "When two people fall in love".
Yeah his songs can be corny and stuff. It's not like he's trying to make the songs serious though, a lot of them are him just having fun, and messing around. I enjoy them though, and it's one of those things you have to listen to all of his work to find the diamonds that aren't on the radio. The guy also plays a really nasty guitar.
he is a fantastic guitarist, and I enjoy his music a lot. I went to see a show of his when he played at Darien Lakes and his playing really blew me away. It was a great live show too, I would highly recomend seeing him live
If you haven't heard "Throttleneck" off of 5th Gear you really are missing out, that guy can f'n play, music is good, but his guitar playing is flat out amazing
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i saw him live at bethel woods last summer. touched his 1968 Fender pink paisley tele. greatest moment of my life