Hello my names Dylan and I have a problem I'm stuck and I've been stuck for about seven years... I got my first guitar at 11 and I've been playing on and off for seven years now but the thing music is my passion, most of the time its the only thing that keeps me going throughout the day and I really really want to get better at guitar but I just can't... and it's not that I cannot play cause I can, I just don't know where to go next... I've tried so many different styles of playing and writing but nothing seems to click... but I do think I have found some type of niche... Ska music... I started out on punk and ska as a kid, some of my first cds... and when I play now it all goes back to ska but I want to make it more original... but I need help, tips, faqs, does gear really matter? or is that something shitty guitarists say to make themselves look better? any tips hint faqs, hell your own stories would help anything, guitar and music are like a passion of mine and I just need to get past this bump... thanks -Dylan
well techniques is better to have than gear but gear is still important and shitty guitarist do use that excuse ive met a guitarist who blamed their sucking on their gear got expensive as stack and pedals the gear didnt make him any better now hes a drummer
and im a rut too havent written anything good in weeks and trying to be more original is not going to help to be more original itll just come toyou some day
have you tried playing with a band cause that will help you find some creativity like you can build on something your bandmate wrote or find people with tastes different to you so when you jam your making a unique mix.these could help you
Hi my name is Dylan too. I recently got an 8 track recorder to record background ambiance and various rhythmy bits to improvise over. I have found it helps both inspire and direct creative songwriting.
You need to clearly define your goals and how you're going to achieve them. You're going through something that everyone tends to go through. The only way out is to analyze what you really want then go for it wholeheartedly.

I can't tell you what your goals should be but once you decide it's just a matter of finding out how to do it. If you need some advice once you reach that point feel free to PM me.
well i kno where your coming from on this and so i made my own style by well merging the things i learned together.and a few things i taught myself but dont forget the number 1 thing bro have fun.you could also try learning some music theory as it will give you a few guidelines that may help you get headed in a diff direction i hope this post helped you a little
like i can kinda feel my style how i play now a little... like i said im majorly influenced by like streetlight manifesto and deftones and tool just a whole lot of different bands and artists but when i play, the best i can explain, is like ambiant ska.... lol it makes no sense but everything i play sounds generic is that just me getting used to my own style or am i being generic? Like you know how when you listen to led zep you can listen to a song by them you never heard before and know its led zep just by the style, am i picking up something like that? and thanks a lot for your help guys...