Hey, some might have seen my post on the theory forum, where I needed help with a chord progression
anyways, this looks like a trouble song, but I hope some of you could help me out.
This is the problem : I wrote a piece of text, but I'm kinda stuck, I don't know if I could use it as a chorus, or I should make it a verse.
Also, I'm kinda stuck when it comes to inspiration .

well, here's the text, maybe you could give me some inspiration to go on, or on the structure of the song.

It's about someone, who is trapped in his/her world, and nobody sees how (s)he really is.

Completely stuck, there's no way out
but there's a hole for breathing.
children's eyes, watch/look, reach inside
they shout out loud;
Mama, it's a butterfly

with it's wings in a box

caterpillar, down not out
but there's a hole for breathing
used to walk, will now fly
I flew up high;
Mama, left me hangin' here
with it's wings in a box