This is a somewhat generic deathcore piece, strongly influenced by bands like Carnifex, Suicide Silence and their peers in the genre. I know it's generic, so don't call me out on that, it's kinda the point, I just wanted a fun, aggressive deathcore song that I could have a bit of fun performing. I have lyrics to it, if anyone's interested in hearing them, just ask.

I'm not a drummer, so the drums aren't going to be fantastic, I'm fully aware of that - I'll let the actual drummer of my band alter stuff as he pleases, when I find one

C4C, thanks in advance for listening if you take the time.

You know to change the tempo you only need to put it where you are changing the tempo, not every note in the song

It was very basic..I couldn't really get into it. It wasn't even the drums but the riffs you wrote were to simplistic and slow. Definitely not Deathcore. Keep trying though.
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I'd start with playing more than the 5th and 6th strings...

It does have potential. You need to decide on a structure for the song. Then use your riffs with that. It sounds like you tried, but the end was monotonous and eventually everything was mushed together. You might try defining each section (verse, chorus, etc) so they are distinguishable and make you want to keep listening. Noone can really tell you how to do that with what you've got now, your own creativity has to bring out the most in your riffs. You might try some different riffs too. Just a suggestion.

C4C? the link is in my sig
Hm... well after trying for a while to try to find something of value in this, I have decided that I give up. If this were a bridge lasting four, eight, at best, sixteen bars, I'd be happy. But this is a long painful series of powerchords in drop tuning played at a mid tempo. But I'll to give some proper advice. Work with melodies and scales for a bit. What you have utterly lacks any sense of melody. Also, try to change your note lengths a bit. You got stuck in patterns very easily. Expand, syncopate. Instead of hitting every beat, try hitting two downbeats than an upbeat or something. Changing things, shuffling them around is the key. Also, work with some kind of structure. A verse, a prechorus, a chorus, a solo, a bridge, a this, a that. If you listen to your favorite song, you're bound to find that they use structures very well. A verse may be slow and the chorus would compliment it by being fast. A verse may be soft and the chorus might be heavy. A solo might take a song from point a to point b. You feel me?

Your song was an attempt. Attempts are good. But you're too locked up in simplicity. Don't be scared to like try out weird ideas. Get inspired by listening to bands. You could practice different styles by playing riffs from different artists and coming up with similar ones. That usually helps you build a decent musical vocabulary (though I do recommend doing your own thing with other people's songs, not just learning them note for note. But getting what they're doing. How they're using scales or rhythms.)

Anyways, that's all I have for now. I hope my little rant helped. If you could take your time to comment on one of my compositions in my signature, I'd appreciate that.
i know your shooting for the generic deathcore sound, but it struck me more as slow metalcore . maybe if you add a few riffs in there(nothing crazy, unless thats how you roll) it would be a cool song. its basic but if you add a second guitar doing some riffs and so more techy parts i think it would a solid piece mann
Slow and boring. Try adding in some creativity or originality and the riffs are all too slow. I almost fell asleep.