I got this off eBay before Christmas and while its great fun to play with (this pedal is seriously versatile) there really isn't a place for it in my music.
Its a fuzzy distortion with a 3 band EQ, blend and gain. The torch switch adds another level of fuzziness so you can cut right through the mix. There is a slight fault with it, due to its previous owner using an incorrect power supply the LED is permanently on when you have cables plugged in (slightly dimmer when the pedal is off). This beast requires 18v of power or two 9v batteries. I don't have a power supply for it but the lucky person who gets this pedal will also get some new batteries! Also comes in the box in great condition, catalogue included (there may have been an instruction manual at some point but hey, these things are rocket science.)
One thing I've just realised while I'm typing, the knobs glow and thats... thats just awesome.

Onto business. Ideally I'm looking for a trade (ideally for EXH pedals). Particular effects I'm looking for are delay, reverb, phaser, looper, general modulation. Bonus points for these but show me what you've got anyway. I'll gladly take a combination of low end + cash, low end + low end, high end - cash. E.g. I'd give you an extra £30 for a Bass Micro Synth but I'd want some cash if you offered a Bassballs.
I will take cash alone but thats not as fun as getting pedal in the post so price is £75 inc p+p, PayPal only.

I can post pics if you want but theres little point as other than the LED its in perfect condition.

Cheers and have a happy new year!