Does an amplifier's power rating refer to it's total power consumption, or useful power output? I would think it's the latter, but I'm not sure.

EDIT: If it refers to useful power output, how much power does an amplifier actually need, compared to the rating? Tube amps, in particular, give out a lot of heat. I heard they're only about 30% efficient, if even that. Can anyone confirm or deny this?
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Yeah, but they do get pretty toasty in the process, and there's a LOT of energy in heat given off, a lot more than sound or light. 30 watts of pure sound is very very loud, I think the 30 watts is the power output at the speaker, which is why speaker efficiency is so important in terms of volume.
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The power needed and power output are gonna be very different. My little 15w amp uses 40w to produce that power. If it had a higher efficiency speaker, not gonna find a high efficiency 8", then it would be alot easier to get those 15w and it would use less power.

Now a tube amp is really bad when it comes to power efficiency. If I remember right my little epi vjr uses something like 180w to produce 5w of output and it does have a high efficiency speaker, 99db.