This is my first post so forgive me if its not quite right!

Need help and advice on purchasing a guitar - im just starting out and have been looking at the following epiphone les paul special ii and squier affinity stratocaster - any views on these?

Budget is about £150...oh and im a leftie which makes things a little more difficult!

Any views or advice will be really appreciated!

Will you be buying an amp with that money too?
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I've never played an Epiphone, but Squier guitars are awesome for beginners. Don't let anyone tell you they suck; they definitely don't.
You need to go out and try some guitars and see what's comfortable for you to play. I think Les Paul shapes feel the most comfortable to play standing and sitting to me but I still prefer odd shaped guitars. I never felt comfortable playing strat shapes in any position. I think it's all in the way you prefer to hold your guitars. I never play sitting 99% of the time I stand so I play with my guitars very low, some people almost have theirs so high on the chest it's almost under their chin.

Just about every guitar company has a beginners priced guitar you should try several first before you make a decision. If you do not have an amp a starter kit might be your best bet most include everything your going to need Guitar, Amp, Tuner, Strap, Picks and a cord for a reasonable price. Something like this is good for a beginner for about a year to a year and a half unless your a fast learner. Pick something you feel comfortable with and feels good in your hands as long as the guitar is comfortable for you it will make learning more enjoyable.

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I already have an amp thanks so that budget is just for the guitar.

Im getting such conflicting reports about these guitars! Some people are saying they are great for the money for a beginner and then others who i assume are experienced guitar players say theyre crap!

From a beginners point of view with this budget what do you think?

I'll check out the yamaha!

Thanks guys!

Thanks very much for your advice!

Im gonna pop into a shop tomorrow and have another play!
Being a leftie makes things more problematic that's for sure. You could try looking at an Ibanez GRG-170DXL. I haven't played one myself but generally Ibanez stuff is pretty good


At that price point I would certainly suggest Vintage guitars. The VS-6 is excellent value. A lad I teach bought one of those and it's a good playing guitar for the money. I'd say better than a Squier, which is what my youngest son bought.


Yamaha guitars are superb instruments and astonishing value. My normal top suggestion for a beginner would be a Yamaha Pacifica 112V, which is a good guitar regardless of its price but to the best of my knowledge they don't do a left handed version so instead I'd suggest a Yamaha RGX121Z


If I had to narrow it down to just one, I'd say get the Yamaha; they're honestly that good and a billion times better than the ones you're looking at at the moment.
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hmmm... what type of music do you like?

squiers though are great...but buy the ones after the affinity...like the standard or the classic vide
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Checkout Rondomusic.com They have low prices and sell lefties.

whilst rondomusic are good it's absolutly pointless for ts as they live in europe not the us
Just wanted to add don't just skip a brand because no one here posts about them. My Hamer has is 11 years old now and plays good. For a guitar that now sells for around $50 it will beat a lot of squires and Epiphonies I have messed around on. Not saying it is better than any Squire, just saying it beats most of the lower quality ones since some Squires play better than a MIJ Fender.
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I have a squier standard tele and really enjoy playing it. Squier are a great company to start with, unfortunatly there is a terrible amount of snobbery involved with, particularly, Fender. Also if you keep up the playing you can always upgrade in a few years without feeling that your relegating your old guitar too much. I've also found it a great way to keep up the interest in playing by buying new bits of kit occasionally.

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from what it seems like new squiers are way better. they look better, feel more solid, and seem to be coming with more features or better hardware.

cause i had one that at this point is 10 years old, maybe older and its garbage. like it makes my roomates mexican 250 dollar strat look like a 5000 prs or something. new ones seem so much better.
I definitely recommend the Squier Affinity Strat, I have one myself, its about 4 years old now and it's never let me down. The single coils give you a bit of feedback but if you can live with that then its a good solid first guitar. I got mine with a 15G Frontman amp (also good ). Couldn't tell you the price tbh, it was a birthday present. I think it was the 'Stop Dreaming, Start Playing' set thingy, Amazon it for the price. Good guitar though!
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+1 on the Squier. A friend of mine has one which seems to be of a good build quality. Anyways I guess most starting sets are very reasonable as are beginner's guitars in general. One thing to check though: Are the frets aligned properly (right pitch, especially on the low frets). I started playing electric with one which was just awful in the first four frets but otherwise quite solid. Once I get to the vacation house where I left that guitar, I suppose I'm going to replace the nut and align that stuff correctly to make it a solid guitar.