Hopefully someone can help me. Im hoping to buy a delay pedal and have no idea of what one to get. Im new to it, I know how it functions, but this will be my first one, and I have set my boundaries at no more that 50-£60. I usually play indie, shoegaze-ish style if that helps


I really like the ibanez DE-7. I picked a new one up for £60.
Its got like a newer sounding delay mode, and a more vintage echo, which can oscillate (sp?) if you want it to. I think the delay time can be set from 0-2.4 seconds, but it hasn't got a tap tempo.
You can get a DD-3 or a DD-6 then? I played both and quite liked them, both have tap tempo I believe.
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DD5 is a great pedal, have one along with a DD7 in my setup. Should be able to get a 5 for a tad more than budget - what I'd go for.
You've got the Electro-Harmonix Memory Boy or Toy and the new gFS delay pedal.
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Ibanez DE-7 hands down
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