I have a gig coming up and I'm performing alone. I have my doubleneck (guitar/bass) that I'm refinishing and I want to play it. But since I don't have the rest of my band with me this time, I need to play something that will sound good with just guitar and bass (not at the same time) and vocals. So I'll be playing bass for part of the song and guitar for part of the song. Do you guys have any suggestions on what I can play? I want to play something everyone will know and enjoy, within reason and while retaining most of my dignity.

If I don't find anything, I'll probably end up playing Behind Blue Eyes by The Who on a different guitar. or most of Misunderstood by Dream Theater because it's a great song.

If this should be in a different forum, please tell me.
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Everlong? Play a bass part in the verses, and tone it down. It's quite a novel idea, you'll just have to watch that the songs you play don't sound too sparse, otherwise the crowd will get bored. You don't want that ;D
Yeah, thanks. I've thought about my overall sound and keeping it full. I was thinking about keeping it kinda low key and chill. As that would be a lot easier than an upbeat song. Everlong would be cool! I listened to the acoustic version too, and I really see what you mean about toning it down with the bass. I'd like as many ideas as come, cause I kinda have a reputation to uphold and i only get one song. So it's gotta count.
I think doing a solo on a double neck with 12 and 6 strings would be easier.. i mean in this case itd be easier to sound full

hmm like You could tune the 12 string in open position chord and play with it.. and just let it rign during the solo doing on the 6 string neck... i hope that makes sense

hmm as for songs.. may be you can do Pink Floyd's Money?

damn i really cant think of any song for your case..

hmm and honestly i think it'd be a bit empty.. it'll be a bit like rough to change from guitar to bass.. i mean a whole octave difference and the bass only would be a bit empty (you cant play chords... you acn but they dont sound that harmony-full as on guitar)
Damn man that thing has to heavy...

The only other person I've seen play something like that is Buckethead, when Jackson made that custom doubleneck for him. Even then he used it sparingly.

Honestly I don't know what to advise you to do about cover songs, but for original ideas you could use a looper pedal to layer your sound for you. If you have anything like that, I don't know.
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Do some White Stripes. Seven Nation Army would work perfectly, and you could also do like The Hardest Button to Button or something. I'd also suggest getting like a drum machine or summat like that.
Quote by vigenharutyunya
I think doing a solo on a double neck with 12 and 6 strings would be easier.. i mean in this case itd be easier to sound full

well, I don't have a 12/6... but I see your point.

I've thought about making a midi track playing behind me. And making or finding a drum track with midi wouldn't be hard. haha... I would kill for a loop pedal. It would make things so much easier but I don't have one. oh well.

Thanks for the ideas! keep em coming
I really don't recommend trying to play a Dream Theater song solo.
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i've arranged an acoustic version. it would work well.

edit: I've been working with everlong and it looks like it is going to be awesome! but suggestions are still welcome.
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ya, i'd say seven nation army
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