NO COMPROMISE : Another song, i would place this is the context of a thrashy, energetic hardcore stlye of delivery.

Oh, you’ll get your compromise when I’m dead!

Sometimes I feel like I’m fucked in the head
Arresting my mind with feelings of dread
Gotta find the time, gotta choose what’s right
Even though it’s hard, to put up a fight

Sometimes it feels like your twisting my neck
But I’ve been hurt before, and I won’t look back

The life I know is no longer absolute
I’m making no compromise
For the shit you put me through
Get fucked

I’ve always felt like you’re the thorn in my side
Always hanging around, just to bring me down
Well now I’m sick and tired of your constant abuse
Why can’t you just fuck off so that I can break through

You’ll get your compromise when I’m fucking dead!