Looking for a used cab for my Bugera 333XL now my Vypyr has finally sold (YAY ), my first preference would be a Marshall 1960A, but I did come across a Mesa cab, it was a 4x10 with Jensen speakers, I'm not sure exactly what model the cab/speakers are, the ad wasn't particularly informative, but it looked in pretty good condition and was $600AUD. Does anyone have any more information/opinions on it?
Well, with a 4x10 cabinet, take into consideration that your sound will be more compressed sounding, heavy on the mid frequencies and not as tight on the bass. I think your amp would benefit more from 12 inch speakers. Give the 4x10 a try and see if you like it though, they are much lighter than a 2x12 and get you in that big wall of sound 4x12 ballpark.
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I don't like the idea of 10 inch speakers...but then I like the bass frequencies, you may not.
Hmm... bass on my EQ is usually somewhere between 7-10. Maybe I'll wait out for a 1960A. Just a little something that popped up and thought I'd check out, because used cabs aren't exactly all over the place over here, and Mesa cabs seem pretty highly regarded.