Hey, I was looking for some decent headphones to use for practice and recording. I'd like for them to be aux so I can use them with my laptop and my ipod as well. i have a 1/'4" to aux adapter so that wont be a problem. I'm not quite sure of my budget yet, but under 75 would be good, but I might be able to go higher.
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I'm interested in any answers you get too. In the past when I tried different headphones they color the amp sound in a way where it doesn't sound like the amp. Maybe it's the bass/treble frequency response range or something? Too bad amp manufacturers don't make practice headphones "voiced" to match their amps.
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I use cheap Sony headphones and it sounds great. I’ve tried using really good Shure headphones and it sounds like someone kicked in all the speaker cones on a 4x12 and then cranked the gain and volume. My guess is that amp makers build the headphones circuits to work with crap headphones on the assumption that they’re being used by teenage guys who only have the crappy headphones that come free with an iPod.