is there any shapes to practice for... i dont know how to say this. I can do the am triads sweep and the one u suggested. But what sweeps would use the same fingerings or shapes? like say

am triad is
with a hammer on on the 17 on the high e string. Thats a am. can i move that same finger shape to :


hammer on the 14 and what would be dm traid?

what would that be. i know the am triad makes a d e i think root 3rd and the perfect 5 and the 17 is the octive? not sure. hehe. What im tring to do is get my shapes down so i m not learning diff shapes but just moving the same shape around. LIke a barre chord?
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Learn the notes on the fretboard, learn the major scale...honestly, if you're having to ask questions like this you shouldn't really be concerning yourself with sweep picking.
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Uhm when you play 11th fret G string you're playing a F#. Therefore that would be a F#m triad, not a Dm... I don't know how you came to that idea. Learn the notes on your guitar...

And learn to spell, too. Perhaps you should finish primary school before attempting to sweep :P
Learn the structure of the major and minor scales, and the notes of the fretboard. The notes of that second sweep are F#, A, C#. Not even close to Dm.
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