where can i get good guitar leads that are not too expnsive, and in the UK

links would be appreciated, thanks for any help
How much is too expensive?

Planet Waves makes some good leads that are reasonably priced. So does Mogami.
preferably not above £15 (ish) also do you know any good quality, pedal leads, sorry i don't know the name
thanks guys
I like these:


they're far nicer than my old planet waves cables, and are cheaper too.

I've been hearing good things about klotz la grange, too, but i haven't got round to trying them yet. A couple of people on ebay are selling their guitar leads for about £16-£20 or so, which is around your budget, though i hear they're not flexible enough for patch leads.
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If you are talking about patch cables to link effects pedals together, try the DiMarzio:


There are some other brands, but these things are generally about the same quality. The Analysis Plus patch cables are better, but they cost more:

+1 for Cleartone!
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