Im looking to buy a guitar off craigslist. I play classic rock and alot of RHCP but im looking for a good guitar thats versatile.

what do you guys think of this:


I like the strat neck and the finish but im concerned about its playability, Im not much of an electric guitarist i do alot of acoustic work.

I do prefer heavier strings for the feel because i use .12 on my acoustic but will heavier strings on an electric effect it in a huge way or is it unimportant?
Yo that looks really nice! The best thing about craigslist, you can try before buy. I would definatly take a trip and try out that guitar if I was you. If you don't like it, then f*ck it. Looks like a decent deal to me.
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It's not a "Custom Fender" at all, it just has a Fender neck on it, and a rather unexciting Ibanez stock pickup in the bridge. It could be great, it could be crap - I'd steer clear though solely on the basis of it being misrepresented.
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