Yeah as it says above check us out id love to hear all your feedback on all 3 tracks !!

Tracks can be found on my UG page or at the following sites !!

www.myspace.com/forevervendetta (you can download the e.p for free in a link in the blog section!!!)

The youtube site also LIVE FOOTAGE !! so check that out too !!!

Thanks guys, and i hope you like !!!

ROCK ON !!!!

Chris Stryker (Lead Singer) x
good music. my favorite is unbreakable its a track you could imagine on sports clips. the type that gets adrenaline pumping.
man, you've got one powerful voice. Rockin stuff for sure, recordings sound great.
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I was assuming this would just be another dumpy sounding local band, but dude you guys are really f*cking good.
Frickin. Amazing! Dude such a blend of classic metal and modern rock its...just...great vocals great guitar drums everything! I can't say anything bad man!