Hey All,
I've been looking to find ANY database/samples of audio files where someone has wired the same pickups in different styles of guitars/basses for tonal comparisions.

With all other things being the same: The player, strings. picks, amps/ settings, riff played.. etc.

So with all other possible differences out of the equation, just to hear what pickups sound like in different guitars.

I know there is much debate on this, but why not let us hear how big a difference there is in certain combos.

Say, a Duncan Custom Custom in a Strat, and then in a Les Paul.
Or.. an old Japanese Bass w/ a dull pickup in a P-bass body. (compared)
Let me know if there is anything like this out there.
there isnt a database like that, that I know of..

if there was such a thing, it would either have to be run by the company, or be a community effort, because it's very unlikely that a single person would have the time/ number of pickups necessary to do it solo..

a company would only offer sound clips of their own pickups, which might not give the variety needed.
a community effort, where I could record my SD 59 in a les-paul style guitar, then in a strat with the same amp/settings/everything and submit it. then you could do the same with a different pickup and submit it..
the problem would be that not everyone has a very good recording rig, and the quality would vary greatly..

idk.. it'd be an interesting experiment, but it just wouldn't be practical, really. the wood and body shape/mass make a difference in tone, but thats pretty much just something you have to account for when listening to soundclips that're already around
I would be really interested to see the results of this too. I've always wonder just how much of the tone comes from the body of an electric...
I don't think this has to either huge.. or not st all.
Even a few examples would be cool to hear.
I am no good at wiring etc, or I'd do some myself.
If you want to have this done to compare wood tone, good luck.
Can this be done? Yup.
Easily? Nope.

There are hundreds of variables in this, and to make it so that the only one changed was the wood would be hard. You would need to make two identical guitar bodies, and wire one harness for them both to use, and both use the same neck. It can be done, but would require a build, and therefore a lot of time.

Do i want to see this done? Yup.
Do i plan on one day doing this? Yup.

But just taking different guitars with the same pups doesn't really cut it. That still allows to many variables for a controlled experiment.

That's my $.02
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