Which one would you recommend, and for what specific situation (like on stage, recording etc.)?

Any other pedals that are within this price range (under £300), that offer similar or better qualities?
i dont knowmuch about them.
what type of music do u play?

i recommend vox tonelab st. Pod X3 live is also a popular choice.
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the line 6 pod X3 Live is very popular and sounds great.. but i think is 499.. correct me if i'm wrong there..

The zoom pedals are really good too.. they sound a bit digital though but nothing to the extreme.. i'd recommend the g9
I play rock, blues and jazz mainly... but like to explore as many styles as possible.

I'll probably play a handful of live gigs in the next two years... after that it'll just be me by myself in university listening to myself plugged in.

So not much gigging at all.

Which one now?
Also, what are the main diifferences that make the 9.2 stand out above the 7.1?
g9 has a preamp tube i think, makes a big difference to the sound. great for a gigging musician or just at home. i use it more than my amps 5150 carvin etc.

w/e just get either over the pod. zoom g series or tonelab are about equal tonewise imo.
cool... do you think that the price difference between the two is justifiable... and do you think the g9.2 would be a better buy in your opinion?
I have the G9.2tt and have found it great in all situations. incredible range of effects, very easy to use. Used it at home and live and has always done the trick. You wont regret it!
I have the Tonelab LE and I think it's absolutely perfect for rock, blues, and jazz, among the processors. Things like the Boss and Line 6 units are for those who need TONS of effects and layer them on top of one another. The Tonelab is more straightforward, has a great warm sound (I suppose the tube helps in some way), and again, great for your genres.

My .02
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