hey i was thinking of a new guitar sometime soon. i want a fixed bridge guitar with a slim neck yea if u kno of any guitar like it. i prob send around 260 ish. cheers for the advice. i was thinking of the epiphone sg guitar, but a mate said nah u wana stay away from that. to be honest i think u can make any guitar sound good yea. i got a vox 30watt amp and a tiny 15watt mashall amp. at the moment i have the ibanez rg350ex but looking for fixed bridge guitar as i rarely use that tremelo arm on it. thanks.
If you look on ebay you could get an Epiphone Korean SG. Your friends right to say stay away from the newer ones, the Korean ones are far btter than the chinese ones. Also the Vintage Guitars are relly good guitars aswell, they're all made with Wilkinson Parts. We sell them in the shop I work in and we've got a Cherry SG in which is absolutely stunning, it plays amazingly well. Whereabouts in the UK are you?
hey man im down in cornwall and best guitar place around here is in truro, i gota go there sometime and have a little explore. im not really after anything to advanced, alot of the stuff i play is just rock and folk. i feel my rg350ex was a bit too much for my style yea but will keep this guitar.