Alright, so basically I wanted to know, can you get a mahogany SG, to sound like a les paul, if you put say, PAF's in it? They're both the same kind of wood, and have the same bridge style, and with enough searching for the right SG the body mass will probably only mean so much, but I wanted to know, I've kind of noticed the neck on an SG is very far forward. Is it actually alot farther away from the pickups then on a Les Paul? And do you think I can get a Les Paul kind of sound from an SG? They're cheaper, and more comfortable, main selling point for me. I can barely play a Les Paul, because I find them to heavy, and painful lol.
The reason a Les Paul sounds like a Les Paul is the weight.

It'd be almost impossible to do because of the body thickness, but it is a Gibson so it will still have a nice thick sound.
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no not really

but its sort of like the LP but without as much warmth and deepness i would think
Yeah, so I really would need the body mass on the Les Paul to get that sound? I just need it for some like random tone copies of people who use Les Pauls, like I guess Tom Scholz.
The body mass has a big part to do with it man. I mean I suppose if you experiment here and there you MAY be able to get a warmer/thicker sound (not exactly like a les paul) but you could REALLY REALLY work on it, but more then likely you won't get so close that people won't be able to distinguish the two.
SG is a fraction of the weight of a Les Paul. Weight is what gives the LP that fat, bulky sound. Not really a chance of getting anywhere close to that kinda tone. I've tried.
The SG's body is roughly half the thickness of the LP's body (meauring an LP from the back to the tip of the carved top {yes I know it's not exactly half the thickness, I'm generalising here to get the point across better}). That alone makes a huge difference: even without the carved maple top the LP will be thicker, then you add in the maple too and that's a considerable chunk of extra body mass you have there.

Then there's the fact the neck join on the LP is much thicker with more wood around it. The double cutaway design of the SG means there is less contact where the neck meets the body, weakening vibrational transit (i.e. sustain just about has a stroke here).

Then there's the position of the neck pickup. Some people will say because the neck pickup of the SG is moved further towards the bridge, it's not under the haromonic node and yada yada etc etc, which is all rubbish because the harmonic node will be in a different places for each fretted position; only the open strings and notes fretted at the 12th fret will be relevant to the neck pickup.
However, having the neck pickup moved further back does brighten the tone anyway, just as middle pickups have a brighter tone than the neck pickup and obviously bridge pickups do - the closer to the bridge you go, the brighter the tone. So, an SG's neck pickup has a considerably brighter tone than the unbeatably thick tone of the LP's neck pickup.

In total, the SG will always have a darker and thinner tone than an LP. It's missing a huge chunk of maple (as well as some mahogany), it's got a weaker neck join and it has an unmistakably different neck tone.

Really, there's no way to get one to sound like the other. An SG sounds no more like an LP than a HH Telecaster or HH Strat does. Unless you use modelling technology (which of course always sounds horrendously processed and obviously fake), you can't get an SG to sound like anything other than an SG, you can't get an LP to sound like anything other than an LP, etc etc.
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As everyone else has said, the difference in the tone comes from the thickness of LP, SG's have a similar sound just crisper. You can get a similar sound from a SG by using the neck pickup but they will never sound Identical.
I think the only option you would have is to choose between the 2.
Yamaha SG's are more like double cut LP's, you could look into them as an option.

A good les paul doesn't sound overly bassy, it has body and a certain 3-d quality to it but, it still should have a light, airy tone, imo. A les paul that is too heavy has that... cold chocolate syrup kind of sound which imo sounds terrible.

But you can get certain pickups that can compensate for the thinner sound of an SG, PAFs are not the answer, something with a little more girth is typically preferred, something like a WCR Fillmore or Goodwood typically work well in SGs.
^ that's what i'd have thought. you're not going to get it to sound exactly like a LP, but you can certainly edge it in that direction with judicious pickup choices. for example, put a known warm neck pickup in to compensate for the sg's brighter neck pickup position, etc. etc.
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Yeah, so I really would need the body mass on the Les Paul to get that sound? I just need it for some like random tone copies of people who use Les Pauls, like I guess Tom Scholz.

Also need a maple cap. The maple cap gives the guitar brightness that the sg lacks. Sg with a nice set of pick ups will still sound great.
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guitar rig or similar & you can make your accoustic sound like an SG or Les Paul

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