Hey guys,
There's 2 hours left of what the guy claims to be a Vintage MXR Graphic EQ, it looks damn old, and is made well. I can't really find anything on google that gives it's original sale value, but maybe someone here will recognise it, and give me their opinion on whether to buy it or not.


It's on £25 with 2 hours to go, it'll probably go up, but do you guys think that it's a good buy?

Thank you.

Roger Waters - 12th May!
Quote by ze monsta
Do you need an EQ?

Well, I think I do yeah. I'm just wondering if this is the one to get.

Roger Waters - 12th May!
Hell if it stays cheap you might as well get it dude. Much cheaper than buying anything other than the Dano and it's going to be a lot better built than the Dano.

Only thing that may put me off is the lack of foot switch, but there are ways around that it you decide you don't need it on all the time.
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