I did this a while ago coz I liked a lot of the music in Zelda and thought it'd be pretty sick to make a metal version of sometunes. It started off with just doing a metal version of the Saria theme, but then I figured I'd go for a full out medley. That's why the first section is much longer. Although I could probably get rid of the tapping verse in the Saria theme

It goes:
Saria Theme
Gerudo Valley Theme
Lake Hylia Theme (break section)
Hyrule Field Theme
Sacred Grove Theme

Some sections aren't that different to the original and I guess I was just being a bit lazy, but trust me this took a lot of time and effort, especially in the drums. Anyway, it was just for fun so see what you think

EDIT: GP RSE mp3 up on my profile with new Zelda's Lullaby section

The pick scrape just when the tempo picks up at the start came out as a slide for some reason, and a few pinched harmonics came out as the wrong notes as well.

The sections of the medley are:
Saria - Intro, Tempo Increase, Solo, Break, Tapping Verse
Gerudo Valley - Intro, Theme A, B, C, D, E
Lake Hylia - Intro, Theme A, B, A
Hyrule Field - Intro/Solo, Bridge, Theme A, B, C
Zelda's Lullaby - Intro/Theme A, Theme A/Solo, Theme B/Solo, Theme A
Sacred Grove - Outro


EDIT: Never realised I never uploaded my edited version, v4 is the newest version with Zelda's Lullaby
zelda saria seb.gp4
zelda saria seb v4.gp4
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Hah never saw the replies on this actually, cheers guys. I'm tempted to add another theme into this but I dunno what. Suggestions anyone? And c4c still of course

i typed that in sheer exitement, you are a god

11/10 for you!
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I was skeptical.

But then I jizzed in my pants.

Learning this.


Uh right crit.

The only thing it's really missing is Zelda's Lullaby, which is sort of a requirement for an OoT medley. The start is a bit abrupt (which is what made me skeptical in the first place), so I would suggest using some variation on the aforementioned as the intro section.
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EPIC. Simply EPIC. And yes, Zelda's Lullaby is a must when you're talking about Ocarina of Time. Congratulations!
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voidskipper: yeah mate I get what you mean, I was thinking that when I first posted it, but was like 'aaah it gets better so it's fine' but I think I will figure out a better way to start it.

And I guess I'll try and stick in Zelda's Lullaby some where then

Cheers guys
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i always thought the song of time would be sweet with powerchords

In drop D:

At least the first notes ... You gotta go down to drop C if you want to take all of them in a really metal way....

@TS, good work! Awesome, nostalgia hehe
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Quote by Chaperoni
Drums could be a little more consistent

I dunno, that's kinda what I wanted to avoid. I would've thought I've actually kept a beat throughout most of the song, especially the Gerudo Valley theme and Lake Hylia, and then the Saria and Hyrule Field themes were supposed to be pretty like, complicated.

Haven't had the chance to add another section yet, just been busy.
I started a recording project ages ago, wanted to do a OoT/MM metal album. Wanna collaborate? The stuff you have here is sheer awesomeness.
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Alright I've finally worked on this again and did a Zelda's Lullaby section now, read the edit in the first post. The Zelda's Lullaby section is only in the RSE GP mp3 on my profile

And sorry DeathPanda never actually saw your post. Thanks man, but I'm quite busy these days, don't really have the time for such a project, although it really would be quite sick
wow best 8:30 minutes this day,
good job man
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Hah thanks man. Could you suggest any other good Zelda themes I could stick in there?
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The Hyrule Valley theme seems dephased by an 8th note (both the drums and guitar show so; if it is intentional I would suggest changing the drums, if it wasn't I would suggest writing it correctly)

Really late reply but yeah I don't really know why that happened, and was kinda confused by why everything was an eighth note out. I thought it might've been how the piece orignally should've been, but I really doubt it now. Gonna change that eventually.

Any more Zelda fans out there who never saw this when I originally posted this? I'm happy to C4C on this still if anyone wants to.
Never realised I never uploaded my edited version, v4 is the newest version with Zelda's Lullaby
Awesome stuff here man. With Zelda being one of my all-time favorite games, this definitely tickled my fancy haha.

Saria intro was pretty much perfect as is, nothing to change here. However, the tempo increase slightly annoyed me. The main thing that really bugged me was the fact that the drums never held a steady beat or groove, they were just too busy. The solo was good, but could probably be improved with some more creative phrasing, but it's good as it is. I like how you brought back the main theme in subtle ways, love stuff like that. Saria break was good, nice change of pace and dynamic contrast.

Tapping verse was alright, just kinda bland. Plus there were off-key notes that really threw off the vibe, like the A# in 74/75 and in a few other places. In measure 93 that G should be a G#.

The entire gerudo section was good except for the drums, they just didn't hold a steady beat, and it gave certain parts an awkward feeling.

Lake Hylia section was awesome as well. Cool modulation there. Transition into hyrule field section was a little too abrupt though.

The energy for this section started out really high but went down waaay too soon at measure 216. I must say though, I loved the melody at measure 231 and the entire theme c section afterwards. However, once again, there were some off-key notes throughout that were quite annoying. Transition into zelda's lullaby was good, but once again, the off-key notes kinda killed it for me. Everything after measure 288 was perfect as it is. Nice choice for the outro too.

Overall, it's a good song with some wonderful ideas throughout. My main issues with it are all the off-key notes all over the place and some transitions that were just too abrupt and didn't give the song room to breathe. Also, some of the drumming was slightly annoying when a steady beat wasn't kept, it jsut sounded confused in some parts. Keep at it though man, I love stuff like this
Cheers man, I get what you mean about the drums during the Saria section after listening to it again. And yeah the tapping verse is quite boring, I think I might cut it out. I actually quite liked the drums I did for the Gerudo section though, but fair enough.

But yeah the transition from Lake Hylia to Hyrule Field was quite difficult to do, I guess I'll work on that. I'm a bit unsure about some of the off notes you mentioned though. And I thought the Zelda's Lullaby section was alright actually, the section is slightly chromatic if anything. But my music theory's poor, and I guess I just can't quite hear the off notes. But thanks man, I appreciate the detailed reply.