I hope this is the right place, sorry if its not.

My band are looking to get a vocal effects unit for when we play live to try and emulate the effects that we used when we recorded our EP. The effects, to my knowledge, being Delay, reverb, reverse reverb/delay(not sure), and distortion. Our guitarist/singer has recommended the Boss VE-20

While i have nothing against boss, i just cant help thinking, that because we know nothing about the area in general, buying a VE-20, blindly, would be similar to a new guitarist buying a DS-1 or MT-2. simply because we dont know any better.

And so i turn to you guys, for help.
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I have an old Digitech RP50 which I would run our vocals through in our practices for reverb, delay, and chorus. Cheap and worked fine.
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I don't see a problem with it. I mean, I'm not familiar with the specific unit, but it's Boss and it is made for vocals. Worth trying anyways.

Careful about guitar processors, though. They generally don't do vocals as well as you would like.

For recording, I use a TC Electronic M300 and I love it. It was about $300 CDN, so not as expensive as you might expect for a TC unit. Now, to use it live, you'd have to rig it up to a midi foot controller or something. The Boss seems like a more 'user friendly' option.


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