The song is in my profile. I'd love comments on anything from the actual production, to the songwriting itself.

Id appreciate any replies, thanks guys!!
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Posted this on New Year's man, you know UG would've been out of commission for awhile after partying hard. :P

Anyways, first impressions are.. great tone man, what were you recording with? The melody is great has a great taunting doom to it. When the guitar hits at 45 seconds the song really picks up, love the sound of the guitar, sound really mixed well, very impressive.

Drums sound a bit digital so I dunno if they're midi or what, but still sound great.

Chorus is really great too, really can move your head to it, the song sounds really tight, all instruments in time pretty well. After the second chorus the tone of the guitar sounds a little too muddy and feels awkward so add in a transition maybe instead of just getting into the next section.

After 2:10 that little slow solo really compliments the song well, the songwriting and production are really done well, surprised no one critiqued this and let this gem pass by. Anyways, amazing job, really impressed and really loved that song.

Maybe submit some tutorials or tips on how to record so well?
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Great sound at the begining but it went on for a bit long really. Could have been a lot shorter. 1:35 to 1:45 or so sounded really awesome. The verse (i think it is) is missing some sneaky 2nd guitar small solo tag lines at certain points to add a bit of intrest.

2:10 when the clean guitar starts again I found it a bit boring compared to the rest of the song. Very nice idea but i dont think its interesting enough on its own but i do love it when u whack on the distortion during it. 3:28 is that meant to be a bomb? Would remove that

Outro was decent though.

Overall a very well constructed and nice sounding song with some great tones in it. Only thing I would edit is the clean guitar lines as i found them a bit boring and not to the same caliber as the rest of the track.

By the way we have a new song out atm *(rough demo) could you come crit it for us please?


Thanks in advance,
First of all great tones! Love the distortion especially. Are you using a Line 6 product for that? jw because I do
Anyways I noticed the drums skip a beat at 1:41 and 1:52 unless that was intentional?
The main riff is great but I think you should change it up a little when you bring it back otherwise it gets too repetitive! Also consider changing up that little solo part at the end of the main riff every time just so its not always the same! The chord at 2:05 sounds a little sudden maybe you should explore another way of transitioning to the clean part? Just a suggestion! The drum hits at 3:33 ish sound very digital when they are by themselves.
Hm well that's all I've got!
Very nice song! Well written, played and recorded i enjoyed the listen
We seem to have slightly similar styles!

crit mine?
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