i live in new england and the temp. is around 40 degrees. would i be able to apply vinyl with spray adhesive? is there a glue or adhesive i can find at a hardware store that will work at 40 degrees?
it should do but it may take longer than expected, what you may leave overnight may need 2 nights
so spray it outside and can i leave it in my garage for a while? how long would it take to adhere outside. or must i bring it inside immediately?
the warmer you keep it the better and faster it will adhere, the problem with leaving it outside is it will be affected by the elements and can damage the tolex, a good idea would to do it in a garage and open a few doors and windows, for a while then close them and let the adhesive set
I recently covered a cab with vinyl using this:

It's water based and doesn't let out fumes so you can do it indoors. Don't let the "water based" description mislead you. It sticks like a mofo. It goes on like watered down paint and doesn't string. I used a small roller to apply it to the cab and vinyl, wait 20-30 minutes then apply to both surfaces together. You can even adjust it, but when it dries ... stuck for good. An extra benefit is that if you get some on your fingers, it just rolls off.
i used the spray adhesive last night and got the sides done. it came out nice!