My bass presently has a P/J pickup config. I am going to refinish the bass (it is a cheap one), and want to convert to having only the "P" pickup. What would work for filling in the "J" pickup route?
Get a block of hard wood to as close as possible to the size of the hole it is filling, glue it in with titebond original if you have it, or any other wood glue, then smooth over with wood filler and re finish.

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Thanks for the advice. I heard that a mixture of wood glue and sawdust can be used also. What do you think?
If you need to mix sawdust with the glue, you didn't make the block properly.
It should actually fit the hole.
and leave it a little tall when you cut it. You can sand to height after it's glued in.
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Thanks for the great adivce guys. I'll give it a shot. Have a great New Year.