I was wondering if not gain modded Marshall DSL and TSL are high gain enough for Metallica songs. Note: I know that Metallica used Marshall. I know most of Kirk's rig aswell. And which of these amps to you think is better. The TSL is only 200 usd more then the DSL.
Should work fine for Metallica. You can always use a metal-oriented pedal if you need apocalyptic amounts of gain. If the extra cash is not a problem, get the TSL. The extra channel might come in handy some day.
Quote by britishsligean
i believe that metallica used a tsl in their early days
Yes, but the TSL wasnt out that long so maybe they used the DSL.
Those amps were only released several years ago, I really doubt they recorded with them in the early 80's...

I think they should enough gain, though there are better alternatives for Metallica.
they have enough gain
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Quote by britishsligean
i believe that metallica used a tsl in their early days

I read something not to long ago that they used a modded 1959SLP
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They didn't use the JCM 2000 series as their main amps at any point of their career, IIRC they used a DSL in the mix of St. Anger or on another later album.

The only Marshall's they used as their main amps were modded SLP's on Kill Em All and Ride the Lightning.
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