I have a epiphone les paul 100, and I've been having one problem with it lately. First off I wanna say besides this problem, this guitar is amazing.

okay, so i'm guessing the term is "fret buzz" and i seem to be getting it on the higher strings like the high E, B, And G string. it takes a few weeks for it to happen depending on how much i play, but over time its guess worse, especially on the higher frets like 12 thru 21. also changing the strings doesn't seem to help. any advice would be greatly appreciated.

thank you.
You probably just need to raise the bridge a bit. If that doesn't work, then maybe a truss rod adjustment is in order.
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You probably just need to raise the bridge a bit.

Agreed, if it is just the top three strings buzzing you could probably get by with just raising the one side (it would be the side the strings are on, closest to the volume/tone controls) a little bit. I am not to sure though...
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