iwas just on carvin's website. thier bolt looks like a really great strat copy (i personally am a big fan of strat copies from other brands. not that i dont like fender, i just think there are more unique guitar with better stock parts for the money).

however, i saw their build a guitar kit. i expected it to be near the price of a retail one. its 380. retail is like 800.


is there anything wrong with a build kit? im fully confident i couls easily put that thing together in maybe a week or less. all holes are there, all wiring is done. heck, thats the hard part besides the initial setup of action etc right?

or course i need to sand and finish the wood, but my dad and i refinish hardwood floors and furniture all the time. can you use regular laquer and varnish? i doubt i would stain it (not sure its affect on the wood as far as tone will go)

why doesnt everyone do this? cause for 380, if its legit, im building atleast 1 guitar this summer.
No, there's nothing wrong with building a guitar from a kit. I'd use Tung oil rather than Varnish, and stain has little to no effect on the tone of an electric guitar.
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Carvin's kit a legit stuff, very nice players if you know simple assembly and set up. Stain will not have ANY noticeable effect on tone.
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Most people don't do it because either A) They don't know about kits and building at all, or B) They aren't confident or feel that it is poor quality.
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oh. well i trust carvin. and my onyl hesitation with guitars is the wiring and such. however, asuming the neck/fretwork is ready, and the wiring is done, and holes are made, what some screwing together and wood finish? heck that is a walk in the park. maybe custom sand me my own neck profile etc.

then again i have a shop in my garage. but assoon as i get cash this project is happenin.
I wish more people were like you man. Carvin make excellent stuff. Most people who get kits get really cheap, shit quality ones, and wonder why it was such a pain to put together. Carvin is well worth the money, and you should have no issues with it.
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well yeah thats why i would do it. not to get a cheap guitar for cheap, but to get a guitar i would not pay for...for cheap.

i mean this just proves guitars costs are labor of finishing and assembly. but again measuring for screw holes and cuts etc is the hard part. if the holes are there and the wiring is done, it might as well be like putting together tinker toys. ive set up the actions or atleast somewhat on all my guitars, but i can finish wood. it wont be any gibson sunburst, but i am confident i can make a good lookin peice of wood!

plus side, if its unfinished out of the box, i can custom sand the body and neck. people pay thousands for a custom guitar to thier specs. why not make your own specs? ok finish? if you can get it finished, still cheaper than most custom guitars (Assuming you can put it together well). i wish more companies did this.
TS, you may actually be one of my favourite people right now.

If you do end up getting this kit, I'd like to suggest Tung Oil + Wax as a finish. Extremely easy, and it's one of the best looking finishes you can get.
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do the carvin kits come routed for a humbucker in the bridge? please for the love of god say they do...
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do the carvin kits come routed for a humbucker in the bridge? please for the love of god say they do...

when you add it to your cart, you essentially make your own custom kit. it's really pretty sweet. there aren't all the options you could imagine, but yes, you can get a humbucker in the bridge.
yeah i played with it. you can get bare bones for lik2 380, or you can pretty much add features all the way up to a 1000+ guitar.

what i would like:

not sure about woods (especially body). something that looks decent with a raw finish would be great. this guitar will most likely my stained or clear, but a natural finish i will do. no paint.

not sure about fingerboard. i like rosewood, no experience with ebony, birdseye maple is one of my fav woods in general. looks pimp. i know maple is brighter sound.

the wood will come UNFINISHED. i want to custom sand and shape everything including the back of the neck. any finishes i do will be me. im thinking of doing more to the body than the neck. i want to leave the neck more natural wood feeling so less BS will go on it. more of just oil etc and making sure its perfectly smooth.

-single coil with a coil split bridge humbucker
-stainless med/jumbo frets
-dot inlays of some material (dont know)
-spertzel tuners
-graph tech nut and saddles
- non trem bridge
- white pearl/paraloid pick guard
-engraved truss rod
-cream pickup covers

i would like dunlop strap locks with a nice carvin strap they offer

that would be ideal. but it costs about 600-700 with those features. so between the standard and that is what it will be if it happens.