wow. thats really good dude. keep it up

as for critting, it seems a little repetitive

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Sounds pretty good. The riff is catchy, but it gets a tiny repetitive. Once you add the lyrics, though, i think it'll be fine.
Also the solo was awesome. I would have thought that you were just showing off, but since you admitted that you were showing off, it was good
Only part I didn't really like so much was the drums, but that's probably the best that you can do with a computer, eh?
Overall I liked it though. Great work.

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Thats awesome man I really enjoyed it, you are now a personal favorite of mine!
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hey dude! good to see you here again. very funky as usual. the bass sounds good but it's mixed way too high. i love the little fills you do. you have some timing issues, but not too much. just could use a bit work. please god turn down the bass.

solo is awesome! haha very nice. i like

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